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Little Angels Home is a non-profit organisation based in Somerset West, that provides 24/7 quality residential care for children that have severe to profound intellectual and physical disabilities.

The NPO started in 2005 with only 2 children but placed 3 more children within the first year of operations due to the big need for residential care facilities in the area...


“Our Little Angels have the right to be

loved & cared for...” 

- Little Angels Board



Little Angels is a Greenlight organisation! The Greenlight Movement is a collaborative group of non-profits and businesses who use the Stoplight tool to measure, understand and evidence their social impact.


We use approximately 3 000 disposable nappies on a monthly basis. That is between 4 - 5 nappies per child per day.


We use small to large adult size nappies. 


Every child has an individualised therapeutic, nutritional & medicine plan to ensure we reach and maintain his/her optimal health levels. 

Up to 4320 interventions take place on a daily basis. 

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