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The Board is made up of volunteers from the community who are prepared to contribute their expertise, time and love to the residents and staff of Little Angels home. Thanks to our incredibly competent board, Little Angels has a very bright future.  


Current board members from the right to left: Jodine, Cindy, Tanya, Chrisna, Marisa, Kirstin, Nick, Karin, Shannon, Bennita

little angels board.jpeg


Our staff are an integral part of the treatment and care of our Angels. In return, Little Angels take care of them and ensure that they are adequately compensated for their hard work and dedication. The staff is managed by Tanya De Jager, a registered nurse. The staff is divided into shifts, as we need to provide care on a 24 × 7 basis. 


We need to ensure that all the caregivers are properly trained to look after the special needs of our residents. Most of our residents have very limited physical abilities but it is still vitally important for us to develop them to their maximum capacity. This can only be achieved if our staff is properly trained to assist with this process.

We offer the following support & training to our staff members:

Firefighting & First Aid Training

Regular CSPID training on educational and therapeutic programs

Regular team building, in-service and in-house training on health & safety, hygiene, child care and more.

Retirement annuity for senior and long-term staff

Staff Training & Support
Board Members

“Where hearts are healed and needs are met.” 

- Little Angels Team



Partnerships and collaborations are of utmost importance to us, to ensure we give our children the best possible care.

A few of our partners and supporters include:

Bizweni Centre, a special needs school that two of our children attend.

Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability

Western Cape Network on Disability

Helderberg Disability Network

Department of Health

Department of Basic Education

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